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Product Name: Custom-made Color Sorter
Product Number: MS-T
Technical Properties: CCD
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1. The linear CCD full-color sorting technology, free to adjust the spectrum area, can clearly aware the small colour difference on part of the materials.
2. Using high quality solenoid valve, high frequency, long service life, low gas consumption, high output, low to carryover ratio.
3. Belt-type flexible material conveying system, small head, low material breakage ratio, to adapt to the more color to choose material.
4. Automatic Fault-detection function, using without any worry, more at ease.
5. The leading intelligent sorting function, can be effective for color sorting target material size, shape recognition.
6. Optional infrared color sorting function, which can effectively eliminate all kinds of malignant impurities.
7. Strive to be stable and reliable on mechanical structure design, the introduction of the cooling system improves the service life of machine and stability.

Product Overview
Currently the ore color sorters on the market are mainly replaced by modified food color sorter. This color sorter can be just used for sorting relatively small ore particles in stead of larger ones. And this ore color sorter is with very shorter service life, after sorting several times, the feeder, out- hoppers and chute slides will be severely damaged and unusable.
Hefei Mingder optoelectronic Technology co .,Ltd has developed one of the earliest industrial-grade large particles ore sorter, to achieve industrial-grade ore sorting techniques in the true sense. This ore sorter can meet the material beneficiation process to deal with the technical requirements of high proportion, dust, rough surface materials etc., to achieve efficient culling defective and foreign.
Ore sorter according to the color of the candidate material, atomic density, transparency, conductivity and other properties, the sensor can accurately identify these characteristics, and a high-performance pulse of compressed air through a nozzle system in which the separation of defective products, whether tiny diamond particles or chunks of ore. For example, good results are sorted diamond, gold ore, limestone or coal and other mineral products.
Technical Features
Precision plane array sensor technology. Color-accurate extraction of ore, atomic density and three-dimensional feature information can be detected about 0.02mm2 spots and subtle color; according to the complexity of the ore, using a unique image classification methods to ensure the accuracy of identification materials.
Mechanical structure by industry-standard design, and strive to stable, wider range of applications and longer life.
Special nozzle system, can achieve precise injection well, and can be guaranteed to work with all kinds of large particles of ore sorting.
High-speed high-yield material handling system, crawler flexible material handling, small gap, adapt color selection more material.
Automated sorting technology to ensure consistent output quality and reduce manual labor and operating costs, and improve productivity.

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